Action Bronson - Blood Of The Goat  (Feat. Big Twins & Sean Price)

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"Rare Chandeliers"

[Hook - Action Bronson & Big Twin] x2
Grimy cats, keep 'em out of my peripheral
Caught you snitchin' too, dog I'm liftin' you
Off your feet like my daughter at the park
Don't cross the border cause it's slaughter after dark

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson]
My life is inches from death, smoke a spliff on the step
When my shorty see the cop the drugs she boof in a sec
Ain't no games played this real life, we struggle and fight
Early morning with the money, we don't hustle at night
Aim my arm out the window, then I rock you to bed
One shot will knock the carpet off the top of your head
Catch the shark, skin the shark, hang the shark in the shed
Everything that got the marvelous spread, you feel me
Dabble in truffles, Sauvignon Blancs, and murder mussels
Nothing ever ripped from my neck during a tussle
I'm Bolo Yeung, I'm Lecter with the muzzle
Injector of the deck of placin' sectors in the puzzle
Roses growin' from the cracks in the concrete
Palm Beach, palm trees shining like diamantes
Well step aside because you're playin' yourself
I'm gettin' money while you stay on the shelf, just like a statuette


[Verse 2 - Sean Price]
??? submitted to the will of Allah
I gun-butted your grill, in Deville with your mom
Sean, all praise is due to
The best rapper the rest of you rappers are doodoo
Got a way with distributin' bars
Inquisitive gibberish nigga the Wizard of Oz, P!
Nobody can rap better than
S-E-A-N P, fuck it I'm letterman
Kevin Madison flow
Have your motherfuckin brethren mad at the flow
Don't be mad at him pa
Unbreakable flow, adamantium bars
I am a fuckin' superhero
Top 5 dead or alive you just a stupid zero
I am the best rapper out
Best rapper ??? in your mouth


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