Action Bronson - Prince Charming

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"White Bronco"

I finally found love and it's f**king beautiful
I no longer bite my nails down to the cuticles
My sex stories ain't suitable for listeners
Cause prisoners to wack off, aw man
Enough of that soft shit, me by myself is like the four horsemen
You're just a poor sportsman, your sports car could be your coffin
The thought of revenge release endorphins
That make me feel just like I'm swimming with some dolphins
Ring, ring for this I gotta call 'em baby, shit, I might retire
Spend the rest of my days down in New Orleans maybe
Money changed me for the better
So I brought it back and got the all black Jetta
With the header and the leather bra
Thinking back like "Shit dog, you really set the bar"
High as f**k 'bout to twist another
Too many people gone, damn, we miss our brothers
What the f**k is going on? A strange sense, ah
Something's going wrong, I can feel it in my fingers, man, shit
A strong scent lingers
Something's going wrong, I can feel it in my fingers
Like arthritis when it's raining, uh

Let it rain on me
Let it rain
Uh, it's me
On me

It only took me nine times to make a debut, tenth time's a charm, shit
Now man's on road, that means I'm hard
Charge whatever on the Visa card, half moon Caesar parts
A lot of motherf**kers blind, they couldn't see the art
War stories, throw 'em through a stack of tables
Wrap my body in a stack of bibles 'cause shit could get dangerous
Bam Bam splash off the turn buckle
Now you no longer have to use your nerves or muscles
We'll see who loves me if I need a liver, shit
You feel defenseless in the presence of a stripper
You cannot be trusted with the access to the money
I crash more Benzes than when they practice with the dummies
I make these bastards look funny, Bugs Bunny, pussy
I make these bastards look funny, Bugs Bunny
Uh, yeah, these motherf**kers must be crazy, 'cause I ain't going nowhere
Until I'm called up to the stars, then I'll go there
Until then, I'm back here to live another life
But for now I'm asking ladies like "What's up tonight?"
Baby, what's up tonight?
Yeah, what's up tonight?

I got the True Religion jean suit
G-Unit sneaker shit

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