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Action Bronson - It Concerns Me  Lyrics

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"Blue Chips 2"

Since the last time I seen you boo I been around the world
Drugs is gettin' twirled, while driving something absurd
Something you never seen, gold and forest green
Leanin', growl like a demon, the tires smoking when I'm leaving
Playing poker on the river boat
Hid the ace long rifle in my bi**h's coke
Flip off the balcony, knife to the throat, ice in the coke
Coke on the table, wild n' out in Roanoke
Hall & Oates we at the benefit for wild owls
They had the fresh water bass served five styles
Flix with Ellen Degeneres rockin' Perry Ellis
Been a degenerate cutting ribbons with senators
Knock on my door with balloons and that big check
I'm not surprised though still dip in the 5-0
It's all about survival, me and Supplies man I'm live on arrival

I got the drugs rolled perfect
The gold turkish, Flow furnished
I been a earner, just call me earnest
Leave the logistics to attorneys, but if it's money it concerns me
Yo wake the f**k up tell my bi**h to pull the truck up
Had the marijuana rolled up bi**h this shouldn't be a hold up
So much paper it don't fold up, grab the plastic it won't mold up
I'm on the boat smoking gold dust
I marry ya niece, cash me out in Paris for fleece
Shoot the back of ya knees, Gary Sinise
Speaking Arabic in Greece
Grown men turn the keys to cheese, as I water ski Belize

I seen a lot but I ain't seen it all
Dreams to ball but I ain't talking bout Seton Hall
Hot red Lamborghini, special seat and all
Plus the doors open up like a season whore
Now you motherf**kers are sour, wishin' you had the vision
Could've been doing division, stay in the coupe like a pigeon
Apartment is getting close to the roof ya boy is risen
Greek men, jump off the back of the boat for dinner
Barehanded snatch up a octopus I'm a winner
Grill it, hit it with olive oil and lemon
Then kiss my fingers, efharisto that was delicious

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