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Action Bronson - Actin Crazy  Lyrics

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"Mr. Wonderful"

Uh, opportunity be knocking
Let a motherf**ker in

Opportunity be knocking, you gotta let a motherf**ker in
I kiss my mother on the cheek, tell her that I love her
You ain't gotta worry 'bout a thing, I got it covered
Why you think I'm out here actin' crazy?
Why you think I'm out here actin' crazy?
Why you think I'm out here actin' crazy?
Ma, you know I'm still your little baby

All my life I was a f**k-up, Now I pull the truck up
Same bi**h stuck up, now she wanna suck us
See me hanging out the window screaming "What, what!?"
No more tough luck; a different cloth is what
I'm cut from, baby oh my lord
The cops chasing Bronson in an all-white Ford
Shit, I'm on an all-night tour
Bitch, I'm alright, but I'm off that raw
I'm in a robe dancing salsa on the top floor
You would swear I'm Puerto Rican but I'm not, lord
Hot hoes every city that we go, singing
"Heads high, kill 'em with it now!"
All I do is eat oysters
And speak six languages in three voices
It's Adriatic Summers on the samples
Don't even try to call him, not available for nothing
Unless it's stupid paper, hop out the Studebaker
With Anita Baker, uh

Uh, I feel so alive I think I shit myself
I should kiss myself, I'm staring at the man inside the mirror
The reflection shows a wolf though
Goddamn, I'm still cute ho
All my women play the flute, saw me place a melon and prosciutt'
Left handed, make the Fender cry
Count money with a reverend's smile, the Devil's eye
Half-Cherokee and Gemini, uh
Motherf**kers are Dumb Pete from Jump Street
I'll turn your chest plate to lunch meat
I'm in a Humvee, looking like a young me
Now these motherf**kers all wanna be chubby
I switch the season, now the hair's curled
Tan skin, I need a bad girl
Cause James Brown said "It's a man's world"
In a Transam' Twirl, the burner handle made of pearl
That's just "Daddy's Little Girl"

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