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Action Bronson - La Luna

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"Blue Chips 7000"

[Action Bronson:]
Yo, yo, I need a car. I have to go to the garden. I'm gonna be late. I need one right now. Can we please call La Luna?
[Phone ringing]
[Answering machine:]
Hello. You've reached La Luna Luxury Car Unlimited Services. If you need a ride to the airport call 1-800 [?] airport. Please hold
[Action Bronson:]
Yo, what beat is that, huh? Oh, that is funky, what is that? Yo, what beat is that?
[Answering machine:] It's from the phone
[Action Bronson:]
Could rhyme on this. Oh, hell yeah, haha, yeah

Came out the pussy wearing Timbs
Oh, my lord, it's him
Time to put the toys back in the bin
'Cause I'm sick of this shit
Motherf**ker sweeter than a licorice stick
And it's rubbing me the wrong way to say the least
I'ma save my peace
And I'ma breeze in the caprice with the gold seats
Bumpin' Boosie on a slow creep
[?] look at stone man, you know me
Asian shooter with the blonde hair
Street Fighter character
Fuck around and suplex 'em through the sailor bar
My life is greenlit, no script
And we all know that money be the motive of this whole shit
Bitch, I'm focused like none other than number one Don Dada
Drop-top, jokes on the youngster, now look at him
Looking slim in the red '89 Testarossa with the wing
Mind blown

[Answering machine:] A customer representative will be with your shortly. Did you know we can get to you in just seven minutes. Seven minutes. Call 1-800-8...

[Action Bronson:]
Your shit lack quality
I'm sitting right behind my chick
Making pottery
My first joint was like an odyssey
The second joint straight raw like the shaman's feet
Climbed the stairs to the sun
Sacrificed myself for protection of my only son
Keep the bloodline strong while I watch close
To another thousand years, here's a toast (clink)
Champagne drippin' down the beard hair
Supermodels sucking while I steer the long pink fleetwood
Roll a big fat blunt so you know I'm gonna sleep good
Rock-a-bye baby
Rock-a-bye baby

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