Action Bronson - Let It Rain

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"Blue Chips 7000"

Your pockets' slim pickings
Lay him out like grilled chicken
It's been an hour but that blunt still hitting like a champion
Eating scampi with Batali 50 feet from the Pantheon
And that's my life, 60k for the glass pipe
I'll break it on your head if you don't act right
They'll be bagpipes playing like a cop died
While I wiggle 850s wearing foxhide
I pray to Jobu that we all get money and live life sunny with a gold pool
But the fact is, I stand alone like cactus
Hide money under tempurpedic mattresses, shit
You don't know the half of this (you bi**h) nah (you bi**h)
I serve the Jersey Shore Line with furs on (uh)
It's my world get my swerve on (oh)
Install the turbo on the Cherokee for certain
It's like my life directed by Tim Burton
And daddy twisted off the henara
And I'm always on the center stage
Reminisce on better days in a hammock reading Hemingway
Trying to get a better brain, then it rained
Let it rain (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I musta been a junkie in my past life
I musta been a junkie in my past life

Standin' in front of McDonalds throwin bottles
Ninety degrees tips on [?] kit corn
[?] pissed on
Land of the free I think wrong (I think wrong)
You know I got the drug so potent
Johnny took a hit, he died came back
Said, "That's that shit" (Goddamn!)
Two-twenty in Toyota supras
Shit sounding like I'm shooting off bazookas
Flushing Queens no scare business here
Assemble weapons with no hand twitches here
Plus the strength of twelve oxen
Hold it down, there's no option
Let it rain (uh)
I musta been a junkie in my past life, you know
I musta been a fiend in my past life, f**k
I musta been a junkie in my past life
These dudes trash like Michael Jordan jeans
Hahaha, that's it. I'm done

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