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Tema: Poezi Për Shoqerinë

In My Cofe Shop

Today I will not go to my cafe shop
To be among the people I do not want
Talking with eyes open and dreaming
And nothing fulfill, they know this.

Place they all speak so loudly
In the background music stifles more
Where each coffee roaster receives news
Where they all get laid, nobody rushes.

Where groups as usually gossiping
To get to know the unknown politics
Where are told the same and same stories
But goes back again and lazily leave

No one talks about the book
Nobody speaks about poetry
Everyone fights with windmills
These pushes me, not to want them

In my coffee bar again tomorrow
The same thing works the same
Where to find another place
Where do I find people to think like me?

- poezi nga Alketa Dinaku Hila

- Poezia u dërgua nga Alketa Dinaku Hila -

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