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Breonkprince & Bebe Rexha - Thinking About You

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Yeah, lately I've been thinking bout shit
And It's kinda making me weak
I don't know

HOOK: [2x] (Bebe Rexha)
No one's gonna love you like I do, no
I can't stop thinking about you
I gotta numb the pain
I can't stop thinking about you
Without you I ain't the same

I can't stop thinking about her, I won't stop thinking without her
Her love is deep in my soul, my heart won't scream any louder
I won't conceive the pain, I can't be seen without her, I won't ever
Be the same ever
Goodbye Breon
No, I won't leave without you
I won't let you go, I won't just leave you
Never call her, my heart doesn't want to let her go
If I gotta walk though this pit of fire, prayed to god to see her go
Win the fight that I'll encounter to meet her
I knew I shouldn't of just never cared about her heart
I'd do anything to make this from falling apart
I wish she wasn't serious, I wish she was here, tell her I miss her
I never thought it'll be over
I made this problem, she always told me
I didn't listen to her
My love just wasn't enough
I never took this that serious
All the lies and screaming
Always fighting this fire
All the trust out the window and my heart is bleeding


Man I told myself I wouldn't cry for shit like this
I feel like I just got shot down in a dark abyss
My friends keep telling me to forget about you and dismiss
I just sit in my room, always reminiscing about the times
Telling myself, you are constantly on my mind
I look at other women, I just compare them to you
I'll probably lose my own mind
Before someone gets to know mine
I'll probably get one, I'll probably be alone
I try to let you go, I try to forget
I can't let you go
I'll never let you go
I always text your phone
But I know you already let me go
We ain't ever gonna have a relationship
And we don't live in the same place
I can't see to take this shit, I can't just take a sit
Man, I can't believe this shit cause I know no mothafucka gonna love you like I do (like I do)
I swear to you, I wish I can meet someone in the long run
It ain't gonna be the right one
She'll probably love me like you did
But I won't love her like I did for you


I can't talk, this can't be
Fuck it I'm trying not to fall
I swear I'm at my last straw, your pictures are giving me a tragic flaw
I want to call, leave voice mails
Tell you that I need you, I want you
I don't see you coming back, I'm living off a life
Trying not to realize that you are the spine in my back
I fucking miss you, not denying that
I writing to you, you can care a less
I'm thinking of you, you ain't thinking back
You gave me the spark to light that match
So what do I do?
I'm here just thinking about you, can't stop
Up because of you, I can't believe I'm sitting here without you
I can't stop crying about you
Debating if I should just forget about you
Trying not to talk shit about you
Trying not to talk to a therapist cause of you
Ain't tryin to talk about you, shit gets sad without you
Man, I miss things about you
And I can't do anything to fix up this shit I did
Wish I never left without you
I'm misunderstood what love meant to you
This word meant nothing in my eyes
Now I sit here with tears in my eyes
So now I sit here depressed because of you
But these past years, I'm missing you
I wish I can just tell you that I've been loving you!


No one's gonna love you like I do (like I do)
No one's gonna feel you like I do (like I do)

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