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Blero - Where The Party At (Feat. H.O.P)  Lyrics

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[Chorus ]
Hey Yo
Where The Party At, Let Me Know
Me And My Fellas Are Gonna Rock The Show
Where The Party At, Where The Party At

Hey Yo
Where The Party At, Let Me Know
Me And My Fellas Are Gonna Rock The Show
Where The Party At, Let Me Know

[Verse 1]
Dont Stop The Party Cause Of Me
We Got A Long Night Ahead Of Us
The Bars My Target
With Like Beer Wine Etc
Im The Regular Got Beer Flowin In My System
Im Not Planning Breaking Trends On A Night Like This One
True But I Got To Keep It Real With Ya Serious
Im Leaving This Club If The Dj Wont Pump Something _____
Really Man Im Telling You
This Shit Is Getting Boring
But Maybe I'll Just Stay For One More Beer
You Know The Story
About 5 Beers Later Its Gettin Hot Up In Here
Why You Askin Where The Party At
Its Right Up In Here
Im Here You Know Thr H.O.P
You Know Who This Is
Im Not The Playa Type
Im Always True To My Misses
So Kiss This Ass If You Got A Problem With It
If Clubbin Is A Trend I Must Admit Im Following It
I Got An Important Thing To Say Before I Leave This
C.i.P And _____________ I Know You Need Us

Repat Chorus [ X 2 ]

[Verse 2]
All My Fellas In The Back Let Me Hear Ya Say [ HEY ]
You Know I Dont Fuck Around With You If Yous A [ HO ]
Nah Im Just Playing With Ya Keep This Party Going
And Its Hard To Stop All This Damn Beer From Flowin
One Thing You Gots To Know Is I Aint Leavin Till The Lights On
And You Can Count Me In If Theres A Stage And The Mic's On
Must Be Like The Greatest Rapper In And You Know This
Some People Call Me A Poet
Tryin To Make It Into Show Biz
But Back To The Subjecvt Its The Wildest Party Ever
And H.O.P Left The Club Sobber, Ah Never
So Take Off Ya Sweater If Its Gettin To Hot For Yall
And Imma Keep Spending Money Like Im In The Shopping Mall
Forgetting That Im Gonna End Up Broke Tomorrow
But Now I Keep This Party Going With B L E R O *
Straight D0pes On The Beat Its Goes
Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh Ayoooooo

Repeat Chorus [ X2]

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Publikimi: 01/12/2004

Blero - Where The Party At
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