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Chris Brown - Winner  Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Round one, I hear the ding, I walk up in shake your hand, girl I gotta know whats up. Baby whats your name can I get your number cuz i wanna talk about some thangs yeah. Round two it aint a thaaanng I was movin everywhere you moved, bobbin and weavin like the young boy was supposed to do. It seemed like only yesterday that we did it, now you on me I can feel it and I just gotta say yeah.
Baby your a winner didn't even take you twelve rounds to do it you got the title now, I'ma tell the whole world give it up for my girl. Repeat 2x
Verse 2:
Round three, I can see me and you waklkin down the ailse, and I know we young so it'll be awhile before we doin that but my mama got me in training gettin ready for the day when I make somebody happy ooh ooh ooh, said I was done with love until I found someone like you ohh, somebody tell me what was I supposed to do you put my back against the ropes no choice but to unfold, I gotta give it to ya.
Chorus Repeat 2x
Ohhhhhh girl, baby I just cant believe that every time you come around I start losing my breath I'm trippin over myself cuz you hittin me hittin me, ohhhhh girl, baby it's so plain to see that you got the best of me so I'm throwin in the towel (throwin in the towel) baby I bow out ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh let it breath (ha ha ha)
Chorus repeat 6x out

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