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Tema: Poezi Dashurie

We Do Mistakes

In our early life
we do something wrong
but we don't have to give up
we have to be strong.

Don't see the others
what the do or what they say
you just have to looked you way.

the big mistake
in your life that you live
is when you trust somebody
that you should not belive.

Always be yourself
dat's right
bacause this is you life
this is your fight.

Doing or not doing mistakes
it depends from you
just do the right thing
that you have to do.

I'thing all the day when i'am in home
but i'have GOD,i'have my FAMILY,
I'have my best frind SUELA
and I'am not alone.

I'promise myself
that i will not do mistakes anymore
because i'am not dat girl
that i wos before

- Poezi nga Emanuela Pervana

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