Teksti Origjinal

Running from the Cops
Ride around the block
Running running running running running from the cops
Get in to my car, smoking the cigar
Running running running running running from the cops

Baby not now, calling someone later
I know she want it now,on the elevator
Up and Down, DOWN 3x

I got this Jo Jo Joker
Take it All , All over
Yes I play the pain
I got all leisess
All about the fame Money and Money and Moneyy

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Party, All the night
Waiting for a fight
Party party party all night
Yeah, she likes it hard
Playing my guitar
Party party party all the night

Yeah I'm in the meeting, I'm to busy
Yes she want a line,but she kissed me
I know you better than her
But she's an amazing girl

I like how she move, yes she do it like a pro
I like how she smile, How she ride to the song
You now What? There was a time when i never will do this to you
But things just changed, you know it better so I keep the rocks all life.

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