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Kristine Elezaj
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Mesatarja:  4.9 / Votuan:  70
Këndon kryesisht: pop

Kristine Elezaj është këngëtare e njohur. Fierce, fun, edgy, and brave are just some of the words that describe Kristine Elezaj. Kristine emerges on the music scene with a voice and style that defy club scene complacency. Combined with her incredible beauty, fashion style and one of her favorite hobbies - rally car driving, Kristine is a uniquely sensational artist that stands apart from the rest.

A young Kristine got her professional “stage” start when the legendary Nick Ashford invited her to perform with him and wife Valerie – better known as Motown legends Ashford and Simpson at their hip New York City venue Sugar Bar.

According to Billboard Magazine, “Kristine’s hip-hop tinged dance pop sits comfortably between Britney Spears and Rihanna.” Her music is racing her way onto iPods around the world with catchy choruses, hot beats and ambitiously contemporary sounds. As an independent artist, she already has an impressive history making music – her single “Always” is on New York’s hottest dance station PULSE 87.7, while her performances at Spotlight Live! in NYC and Republic in New Orleans have been praised by fans on both coasts!

Kristine is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut CD, "el-lay-zi", which is set for release in 2010. The album, recorded in designer Marc Ecko's sound studios, was executive produced by Grammy-nominated J. Marty. Featuring tracks co-written and produced by artists such as Fergie, Eric Pressley, The Pharmacy, J-CO, Epic, Andrew Fromm, Frankie Storm, as well as a duet featuring Will i Am’s prodigy “Poet,” this album is set to be a sure fire hit!

The songs “Razor” and “Overdose,” produced by Alex Cantrell, are infectious slices of pop, ready made for radio and clubs. The urgent and insistent new single “Let You Know,” the intoxicating “Souvenirs” and her emotive interpretation of John Waites’ “Missing You” all capture her musical vibrancy and diversity.

Adding to her many talents, Kristine is as comfortable behind the microphone as she is behind the wheel of a rally race car. This 23-year-old dynamo has a large fan base among rally car fans that already know Kristine from her national appearances at rallies around the country and her regular guest host spot on the Sirius Radio Maxim Channel show "RPM." Kristine was invited to drive in her 3rd Celebrity Car Rally "Bullrun," the most glamorous of the high-end automotive rallies in June of 2008, and is partaking in this year’s as well. She shared the road with drivers and names such as Mario Andretti, Carl Lewis, Paris Hilton, Hayden Christensen and many more!

“A lot of people are really shocked when they meet me because they hear I am a rally car driver and they expect me to be really tough – when in fact I am the complete opposite,” says Kristine. “I love driving almost as much as I love singing and fashion and fortunately have been able to do it all.”

Affectionately known as "Kebe" to her fans, Kristine is giving new meaning to multi-tasking by excelling in two hot careers, rally car driving and singing, Kristine is also planning jewelry and clothing line while balancing work with family life.

Më datë 11 Janar 2010, Kristine Elezaj publikon videoklipin "Souvenirs".

Në vitin 2011, Kristine Elezaj publikon albumin "No Questions Remain".

Më datë 23 Nëntor 2016, Kristine Elezaj publikon videoklipin "Euphoria".

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