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T.I. - Stand Up  Lyrics

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(Lil Jon Intro)
Its alot of nig*az out here dat got alot of shit ta muthaf*ckin say
But when a nigga bring it to dem nig*az
Dey cant stand up for what dey muthaf*ckin said
I aint say dat he said dat
Well if u got sumthin ta say my nigga
Stand up fa what u muthaf*ckin said MY NIGGA

If you dont like what im sayin den buck
Swang when u see me we can throw dem hands SUCKA
Stand Up
If you aint notice nigga
I dont give a f*ck
If i said it then i meant and what f*ck nigga
Stand Up
You dont wanna see da trigga man buss
Hit you and ya mans up
Make it hard fa nig*az ta Stand Up
Tell ya crew dey dont want it wit us dudes and if dey muthaf*ckin do
Buss a muthaf*ckin move

(Verse 1 T.I)
YA GOT A ALLIGATOR mouth AND a hummingbird ass
Ya mouth writin checks dat ya a*s cant cash
145 and im outa ya weight class
Ya wanna survive
Ya betta scramble like eggs and break fast
Cuz i know how ta handle ya fake ass
Imma ride on ya and hide ya in yesterdays trash
Pull up in da chevy sprayin rounds through da glass
Til ya layin face down in da grass and I laugh
Aha dats da end of DA SAGA
DA End of my problem
Nigga masta impala
Go lay up wit a model
And watch da news tommorrow
Dats da end
Check mate game ova ill holla
Now im tellin ya partner you dont kno what ya doin
Or RECOGNIZE da trouble youll get in and ya ruined
I spent my childhood in a wild hood
And all dat gangsta shit ya talkin
Yea it sound good
But make it understood
You gon have ta show me
Imma O.G u wanna overthrow me


(Verse 2 Trick Daddy)
Ladies and men we gathered here today
To marry dis young nigga
In his own special thug way
Do you promise to love and respect
All of da real nig*az
And when a problem come learn ta deal witem'
Do u swear ta turn da choppa on any muthaf*cka in ya path
Or any bi*ch dat try ta stop ya
And do u promise to keepem' handy
And no handy ta nobody' nobody
Except family
Keepem' cocked and loaded and dont exposem' ta nobody
Unless sumbody wantem' in his body
To love and cherishem' from his trigga ta his barrell
From da bottom of ya heart
Ta death do u f*ckin part
Do u undastand ta live ya life by him
Ta shed ya soul
And lord knows u gon die by him
I know you heard of gun stories by John Wayne and Billy Kidd
Shid all dem muthaf*ckas did
And did you know dat every otha bi*ch from da wild wild west
End up dyin from hollowpoints ta dey f*ckin chest
And dey aint neva seen a car beam or mini 14 or a tummy gun
Wit a hundred rounds f*ckin none


(Verse 3 Lil Wayne)
Yea im talkin bout ridin out tonight
Only way i die first
Gotta kill me in dis verse
Weazy F middle finga ta life
So nothin seem critical
In da hood im typical
Yet im feelin good and spiritual
Killin hoods wit da shit up out my kitchen
Im pitchin it
Its really good
Smokin drankin im like a fish and id prolly shit on ya bi*ch
Prolly piss on her lips and shed prolly give u a kiss
Highly grove classic
Polly wit a nigga prolly rob da same bastard
Ask him
We dont give a f*ck about a casket
Nigga dis da murder campy
Niggaz is murder happy
12 years old
I jumped off da pot
I started sellin rocks right afta i got shot
I hadda hold my weight down
Pussy nigga stand up or lay down

(Chorus x2)

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