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Action Bronson - Shiraz

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"Dr. Lecter"

you've been the best since i stepped in
bring a hooker to the mother fucker.
Like you are red skin eat a ...
Life is a.. like a Jesus New York city .. big things
Moving like .. bitches run this place .. which means i am on the right
Get paid by any means say good night
... that is blood money on the .. on a long table
.. bitches always classing up the .. pumping in the ...
Mother fuckers are splay .. i have been Niagara falls
.. mother fucker camera off
.. no shit .. drunk and they smoke ...
Feel it jump ..
Got .. walking around .. never speak the fuzz
Me and you take the drugs
Show them how to use the .. cause
,, we are in the shower give me head shampoo
,, take the cash tango .. than you by fuck you

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