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Action Bronson - Dr. Kimble  Lyrics

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"White Bronco"

Yeah, yeah, uh
Uh-uh, uh, Bronco

Yeah, the plane lift up then I hit the pipe (Uh)
And just to clarify (Uh), what you might have heard, I never left these dice (I never did)
I throw 'em until there's nothin' left in life (It's true)
Ancient architecture sculpted out of stone hang off this neck device (Aye, aye, aye)
I cop cars and crash 'em (Uh), next day, the same thing (Uh)
Next date, Beijing (Uh), Papi, I'm a made man
Have little man do a front flip out of the gray van (Woo, oh shit)
Give all your mans a f**king spray tan
I headbutt, bi**h, I don't shake hands, nah (Uh-uh)

Bronco (It's me, it's me)

I lost a case (Uh), he found his wife next to a horse's face (Yeah)
I'm lost in space, I'm out of here, torch the place (Pssh)
Just dropped 200 at the dealer, high from the 'quila (Ay)
I could've been a Steeler (Ay), but bi**h, I keep it realer (Realer)
All I want is moolah (True), I put these f**king actors in the goulash
Leave mothaf**kas hanging out of tubas (Ha ha ha)
My eyes go black while I'm howling at the lunar (A-woo)
Stars fall down and you can't stop it with computers, listen
You either got it or you don't, there's nothing to it (There's nothing to it)
We started four in the Buick (True), now the lawyer is Jewish (True)
(He can be anything) Stupid (He can be anything)

Uh, it's the Bronco (He just happens to be Jewish, it's understandable)

Shit's so wave (Uh), need a full-body du-rag (Ah)
Fresh like dope inside the 12-year old school bag (Ah)
Bitch, take your album and boof that (Ah)
If we was on the ball court, we'd take your f**king ball and roof that (Uh)
Hear me? (Get that shit the f**k out of here, man)
(I knew I still had it, it happens to everybody) Uh, roof that
Boof that, haha (Scoop that)
Yeah, uh (It's me)

Stones on my neck, you see me, them shits fell out the sky (Sky)
Hold up, just let me roll up (Roll up), bi**h, I'm 'bout to fly (Fly)
Your boy been out his mind (Mind), bi**h, I'm 'bout to die (Uh)
Tears fall out his eyes (Uh), tears fall out his eyes (Eyes)
See me, I'm out the sky (Sky)
Let me roll up (Uh), I'm 'bout to fly (Fly)
I'm out my mind (Mind)
Tears fall out my eyes (Fall out my eyes)
Stones on my neck, you see me, them shits fell out the sky
Hold up, just let me roll up, bi**h, I'm 'bout to fly
Your boy been out his mind, tears fall out his eyes
Tears fall out his eyes, tears fall out his eyes

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