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Action Bronson - Mt. Etna  Lyrics

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"White Bronco"

Uh, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Uh, uh, yeah yeah, it's me

Anywhere I go, I stick out like my cousin Vinny (Oh)
I ride through the city, all kinds of fire vitties (Uh)
Window, hair’s down, baby I'm so jiggy (Jiggy)
All white at the pool party, vibe on Diddy (Yeah, that's my vibe)
Yeah, baby, catch me live on viddy (Uh)
I ain’t rolling with nobody if they won't die with me (Nah, motherf**ker)
What if murder was the case (Uh), and Papi need a pancreas (Uh)?
Shoot him in his ass, make his stanky leg the stankiest (That shit stinky)
The last time they put a wristband on your boy's wrist
Appeared a 4 point 6 olive green (Woo) with the toy kit (Woo)
Stupid dumb turbo (Uh), howling like a hungry wolf (Ow)
The stars align with Virgo, Latin ladies laying, only furs on (True)
Uh, I guess my motherf**king sweater-ter-ter-ter-ter-ter-ter on
Yeah, you know it's me

It's best you drink your little drink (What), and do your little dance moves (Do 'em)
Before I f**king uppercut you past the planet Moon
Salmon 740, zoom zoom, in the boom boom
No racks in effects (No, no, no), I get to the checks (Yup, yup, yup)
Finesse at it's best (Yup), White Bronco, others known him as LeBronson (It's me)
My next album’s only for dolphins (Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow)
Motherf**kers don’t deserve me, no, I ain't pearly (Nope)
Bitch, ’cause even when I'm dirty, still shine like jewelry
Motherf**king, uh, yeah

I be going through some shit, that's why I smoke a lot (You know it's me)
I be going through some shit, that’s why I smoke a lot (Uh)
I be going through some shit, that's why I smoke a lot (A lot)
I be going through some shit, that's why I smoke a lot (You hear me)

You don't wanna smoke weed, but turning down friends can be tricky
Hey, Bronson, want some?
No way, that stuff's illegal
Hey, Bronson, want some?
Uh, I'm allergic
Hey, Bronson, want some?
Uh, no, I gotta stay low
Bronson, want some?
Eh, f**k it, why the hell not?

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