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Action Bronson - Telemundo  Lyrics

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"White Bronco"

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Motherf**ker, know you hear me
Bam Bam, the Bronco, white one
Queens shit
Motherf**king World Cup starts today
You better be watching that shit in Spanish

You can keep your little bullshit advance, understand?
I'm in the Amazon chewing on plants
Motherf**kers can't afford me
Plus, I'm in the middle of this orgy and send me back in like 40
Shit, I live so much, ain't no time for looking back, only up
'Cause there's no roof on the truck, you could shoot a duck
I know that's cruel as f**k, and, no, I wouldn't recommend it
Did I mention? The Porsche 911 got a second engine
Send your boy into the Seventh Dimension, shit
Hell is cheap, baby, heaven's expensive though
Yours truly, 'bout to get this paper like Judge Judy
Told my baby, "Come do me", all these drugs just run through me
Now I'm shredding the guitar on a mountain
God damn, something groovy
Aw, man, we lost 'em to the lights again
Bitch, don't worry, I'll be back like lightning
Just don't blink 'cause you might miss me
I'm about to make history, raise your motherf**king fist for me
And let your middle finger fly up and grab your nut sack
And scream, "Fuck that", you hear me?

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