Action Bronson - Expensive Pens  (Feat. Meyhem Lauren)

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"Blue Chips"

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Yo drop to the ground and one knee me if you see me
Take off your top like ZZ
Mushrooms by himself causes shown to give samples of the body
That I demolished you novice I'm polished
Dip in impala quick
Ah motherf**ker your only kinda sick
I'm fully blown like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia
I'm out for self-ia, Bronson not helpin' ya
Trying to get the Lexus ah oysters for breakfast ah
I'm still in queens that's my native land
I sport a headdress baby veil on the headrest
Buscemi frame by my favorite chair
Asian hair on a dominican with cajun flare
I keep the coke clean, father and son dope fiends
Mother and daughter strippers sniffing all the codeine
Affliction shirts and dress paints like I'm Oakley
Three bi**hes waiting for me Toyki oh shit
Roll whip, panorama tough
Salamander tux, f**king Alabama Butts
Ah we known to galavant in trucks
With an Irish bi**h that will put a hammer to your nuts

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Compose a fly rap with an 18 karat meisterstuck
My people like to shoot
Bronsolino dice the fluke
Phenomenal fish platters
Plus everyday is turkey day
My vision is clear so now we getting it the murky way
Pillaging daily plus we give thanks and fill tanks with premium
Cadillacs my people always steaming them
Turn the car into a sauna with some marijuana
If you know Bronsolino then you know that's his persona
Slang school PHd holders in the building
Far from elementary but we do this for the children
Ready able and willing
Dealing constantly building
Seen niggas make a million standing outside they building
I'm from New York home of the hustle
Where skinny people move big cause chrome is the muscle
Just to get a rep you get left with a darker past
You just a little sick my f**king flow is Arthur Ashe

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