Action Bronson - The Rising  (Feat. Big Body Bes)

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"Mr. Wonderful"

[Intro - Action Bronson:]
Fly Mary in to sing to that cow before we slaughtered it
And then I ordered it

[Hook - Action Bronson:]
Don't say a word to me
You already committed perjury
A bunch of lies and sneaks and I don't play that
You know better, you better save that

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:]
Laid by the pool, my legs gettin' massaged by your professional
Strictly business, nothin' sexual
Seasonal vegetables lookin' exceptional
You ain't think I was hot then, now you wanna hum on my testicles
I'm from a dirty borough where that Sun don't come out
But when the moon come and the goons come, the crew runs
Like a big Jamaican, I stand adjacent
To that S600 in amazement
My time gon' come, I'm headed to the top
Like I never wore makeup, and I'm ready for the spotlight
You know I got my hoodie on, and it's such a hot night
Shit I'm straight from Queens, catch me in the limo like it's prom night

[Hook - Action Bronson]

[Verse 2 - Action Bronson:]
This that do a hundred in the rental in the rain
With the jammy, a day before I have to go to Spain
Livin' on the edge, different colored women in my bed
Different, different colored linens on my leg
My mother said I better win or else she'll f**k me up
Ma we did it, I love you, you lucky slut
Since I was young I had the husky gut
But I'm gorgeous, got money in the pouch just like a tourist
Swerve in a Skylark, big piece of the pie chart
Bitch this is fine art, I gets my shine on
You lyin', dog, you never even put the iron on
You drive a Scion, you ain't ridin', dog
Me, I'm cell built, grab your chest
Still get hit with right hands from left field
My life is a kaleidoscope
She makes me feel just like I'm high on dope
I never calm down, shoot the gun without puttin' my son down


[Big Body Bes:]
You should have been known who the f**k this was, just by my f**kin' tongue. Big f**kin' Body Bes. You know I'm all over everything now. You know me, you might see my face stamped on a bag of dope, out here gettin' filthy cause you know I got that ooh woo woo. You know me, I go home and change up. I get fresh to fight. Just caught a new f**kin' case. But it's alright though, I got this stupid mothaf**kin' lawyer. He told me, "Don't even worry about that shit, Body. I'll make that go away. Now what's for lunch?" I told him, don't worry, I got the hookup. Anything you want. Crown Fried on me, 1 through 6 only. I know your type though, the type of mothaf**ka wear a three piece suit to go to court, shook to death and you there for smokin' weed. Piece of shit, get the f**k outta here

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