Action Bronson
Live From The Moon
(Feat. Yung Mehico)

Uh huh, good evening (Yeah)
Live from the Moon (Uh huh)
Live from the Moon (It's me)
You know, live from the Moon
Take me home, uh

Ten time champ, 'bout to be eleven
Understand, I'm down to die for my leather
Bitch, live from the Moon
Live from this 41st speed boat
I hope you brought your sea legs
Bitch, young Bronson run ting like relays
Uh, live from the moon
Live from the moon (What)

My third eye been open for ten years (Uh)
I don't got no fears (Woo), I don't got no fears (No)
I don't get caught up in the bright lights, dear (No)
And, yes, I am the human highlight reel (Yes)
They say I'm built strong like pyramids in Egypt (Uh)
Ever since a fetus, I had visions of a leader
Purple X6 truck driven by a cheetah (Uh)
Look, it's Don Cheadle (Uh), no, it's just me, ho (Me)
Live from the Moon (Feel me, yeah)
Live from the Moon, uh

Under pressure like Mercury and Bowie
A man's never hot, nah, baby, you don't know me (Nope)
Your boys stay cozy, laying in the bed full of roses sipping rosy
Chilling with Kobes on (God damn)
Gold Rollie on the phoney arm (Uh)
Travel stars like I'm Obi-Wan (Uh)
Fuck Star Wars (uh), Indiana Jones is better, bi**h (True)
Turn a bi**h to Fiskescovich (Uh)
Couple mil'll make you stretch the wrist (Wrist)
Move stones, it's mega lift, catch my drift, pass the piff (Pass the piff)
Live from the Moon (Uh)
Live from the Moon, live from the Moon
Yeah, we coming live from the Moon
Welcome home