Action Bronson
Ring Ring
(Feat. Big Body Bes)

It's the captain, skipper

To all the women that I hurt in the past, I din't mean it (Sorry)
Now that we clear, come here, put your mouth right here (Uh huh)
I'm rare like a white deer with spiked hair (Uh)
New Nike Airs, smoke big cigars in a nice chair (Uh)
Oh why, oh why do I feel like I'm starving in Lionheart?
And sniffled every drug that's on the science chart (Damn)
I got a Mayan heart and I'm running like I'm Deion once the sirens start
Ring ring by the park, my pants keep falling, I hop the fence easy (uh)
They stopped chasing, damn, my ID dirty
Habañero, eat thirty, swerve off (Skrt)
Genesis, I Can't Dance blasting
Heavy metal hand clapping, captain, uh

Machine gun money

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's me

I'ma stay fly until I'm up on that big spaceship in the sky (Sky)
The money coming with me when I die (Yes)
My drugs are coming with me when I die (Uh)
Nobody better cry (No), nobody better cry, man (No)
If you need me, I'm at the bottom of Lake Titicaca
Watching World Cup soccer, Portugal won, it was a shocker (Uh)
This rhythm open up my chakra (Uh)
And it keep telling me to cop the Porsche in aqua (Ooh)
It also said your boy is destined for an Oscar (Ooh)
And for my birthday, mommy blessed me with a chopper (Oh)
On my worst day, you couldn't clean my boxers
Or diagnose this mind with eighty doctors (Uh)
Life's a box of chocolates, it's me, man

Machine gun money