Action Bronson
Amadu Diablo

So give me that reason
I told you I loved you already, bi**h, what the f**k?

Shawl neck on the drunk lawyer
Coke shits in the toilet
Turkey sandwich in aluminium foil
The game been fixed
I don’t play that shit
I aim that shit
If she looking at another mother f**ker than you leave that bi**h
I don’t play that shit
Hear me
Left hand is steering
In a Amadu Diablo
Shit I got the urge to get a earring
Image in the rearview mirror like Timothy Leary
Don’t even come near me
I keep it thug with a gun near me
Your boy been eating on the run clearly
Clear the run-way
720’s on a one way
So much drugs, what would a nun say?
And its Sunday
Shit, I don’t really give a f**k
All I really want to do is see my people up
Up to no good again
She threw the condom told me put it in
I did, f**k
I nutted in like three strokes
Shit, now that’s no way to rep the East Coast
Every day I’m walking with my head up
Don’t let up ‘cause it’s a set-up
Like Albanian marriage go from Haiti to Paris
The bath was 90 degrees
Tapping Heinies with ease (shit,)
Bitch please I’m the bee’s knees
Shooting Deca-Durabolin three CC’s
Peep the landscape
You can catch me in the trees like the shit for the pancakes