Action Bronson
(Feat. Big Body Bes)

[Action Bronson:]
Body needs a bat and a black leather to record
Here, take it, get ready

Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, this is it, ah
The eighteen-wheeler papi, we'll drive it through your living room
While you watchin' Maury, true story
Uh, jump in the pool with the tool on me shredded 240
Who gon' stop me? You and who's army?
Bronson comin' with the ninja grip
Wheelin' red ninjas down the strip
Phillies to my lip
High as Dark Knight, f**k it let the card swipe
I'll take that yellow Lamborghini on the far right
As if I fit it
100k for me to spit it
I'm bout' to take a shitted on your fitted with no good luck
Just tragedy and hardship
Another loser on the corner doing card tricks (ah)
I'm on the plane to Russia with a hard dick and a tank top from Target
Why this blunt taste like Starburst?
And why your girl cheating on you with a player from the San Diego Chargers?
Mother f**ker, somehow we got Jeeps in jail
Told the judge it's all good go 'head and keep that bail
It's me, you can't touch me
Like Hammer, shit gets crunchy
I do it for the glamour
I do it for my mama
I do it for my people
I do it for myself because there should've been a sequel
But there was complications during, birth given, damn man
Another nigh the Moon's shinin', the Earth twistin'
Boo listen, Daddy swerved the coupe with conviction
Guns under the pillow like my tooth missin'
Everybody know it's me cause the roof missin'
You can see my smile from a mile

[Big Body Bes:]
Oooh, I'm up at bat
Albanian baseball
I'm swingin' a hammer
Fuck that
We've been in the game our whole f**kin' lives
Only God can bench us
You was in the dayroom doin' splits
I told you stop blockin' the TV
I'm tryna watch Maury
And hang that f**kin' phone up
We've been ballin' our whole f**kin' lives
You talkin to the P-A-L champion
I does this, uh
Fuck her 'til she hates me
You gotta stab me if you love me
I'm down to die
You're scared to live