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D-12 - Outro Lyrics

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I want to thank Y'all for coming out
This is the last song
From the Return of The Dozen
Part 2
Y'all haven't heard D12 in a while
So we gonna give you what you being asking for:

[Verse 1: Bizarre]
Straight out the Halfway House they left this bastard out
Check all the doors there's no way to get out (HELP!!!)
I'm far from a pussy, I'm more like a dick
I'm the pain in your stomach when you're about to take a shit
Shit, b***h suck everybody dick
Patch on my eye, I'm the new Slick Rick
And my boys, we'll call em Doggy Fresh
All this period blood clean up all this mess
If I don't get my record on Shade-45
I'm going in the building and make sure everybody dies
Shoot Rude Jude, Blast (?)
Shoot Howard Stern and he don't even work there
Bizarre gets high everybody dies
He's the ni**a who droves in the drive-by is gonna die
Me and Goofy Gary raping Haley Berry
Say Bizarre ten times like Bloody Mary

[Verse 2: Swift]
I'm a Grenade aimer, applying heat like radiators
I detonate a concoction you won't play (?)
I snatch that oxygen out you're biological time-clock
With one shot between your eyes, now you're a cyclops
I'm lyrically retarded I turn your apartment into an icebox
With a pipe-bomb taped to your hot-top
I smithereens 'em
I use my fingers the same fashion as Wolverine

If I say it I mean it, I feed you slugs
And have you throwing up blood like a bulimic
Because of me a lot of people die
Be scared that I will be outside
Starring through the window like a peeping tom
With the mind of a Vietnam Vet injected needles in my neck
When I'm high ...
I'm not a threat, I'm a promise, Hamas
Crazy as Osama slash Uni-bomber
Shoot the llama through your momma!

[Verse 3: Kuniva]
I take my time wit the skill dat I utilize
Ill commit suicide
Succeed then do it twice
Whatever happen on gettin' your shoes, coat and hat took it?
Cheese an pretzel combo
Super-sizing an a** whoopin'
I'm too cool but I acted out in a violent manner
When I (?) leave everything but its (?)
Who dares to hurt me?
I'm posted outside 7-Eleven sharin' slurpies with a known whore flarin' Herpes
Lyrical God-king like Xerxes

You blood pirate I got hatred to get off me chest
An ounce of weed, a 40oz of Milwaukee's best
I take the (?) from ni**as who have (?)
And you don't want a test like you afraid that you have AIDS
That bullets have you losing weight like anorexics do
This ain't a DMX flick when you see the exit wounds

[Verse 4: Fuzz Scoota]
22 ???, 38 ???
Niggas are pussying me out
We like ...
D12 is always suspect of some shady occur:
Open pill bottles, guns with their safety's broken

Giveaway guns when the bakery is open
Pistols smash your bitch
Kiss the shortie, ditch the 40 and exchange smoke some piff with Gordy
Different shorties ...

Back the f**k off like you've never seen goons

Now ni**as are in Facebook put questions like they wanna be friends

[Outro: DJ Young Mase]
Thank you for having us
Return of the Dozen Volume 2
It's a wrap
Young Mase
Shady Records
Third Album on the way!

Publikimi: 28/09/2011

D-12 - Outro
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