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G4shi - Run Lyrics

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Staring at my celing another day up in this bitch
parents screaming you cant lay up it this bitch
i didnt register so everyday i hear them bitch
no plan b nut you know we plan on getting rich
dont complain about my music unless you paid for that shit
aint black or spanish they say hes so average
dress like a fagget whatevers weird you attack it
my musics garbage?
but you be on it like a bunch of maggots
put the 7 to ya back with this pistol now you a maverick
dropped class started dropping classics
if rapping to bring the paper
and plastic its back to trappin
Africa made me NYc raised me
ALBANIAN baby born up in the crazy 80s
last of a rare breed thats 89 mama said

So i Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
away from these haters away from these haters!!!
if you aint fucking with me nowwwwwwwwwwww
(2x)dont fuck whith me laterrrr

Seeing my parents struggle turned me to a savage
i always was different thats why i got my ass kicked
cut from different cloth and they no longer make this fabric
too creative for a 9 to 5 to live so average ?
if she only with you madd rich
then anybody with money could Fuck that bitch
i hope your listening
collecting change for fast food got me acting madd rude
Stress got my hair line going Jimmy
time to get my ass Chewed
you tellin me if i lick cock rap about this thrift shops
that i would bring 4 grammys back to this block? FUCK DOT!
as long as i got this glock with one pop
I bring my enemies down to earth faster than chris rock
always wanted that rollie it dont tic tock
you cant hear me when im on my toes like flip flops
chasen on this guop
new face of HIPHOP
Flow make your ship drop
i pray i raise the bar
Before one of these haters lick shots and im GONE.......

(2x) So i Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
away from these haters away from these haters!!!
if you aint fucking with me nowwwwwwwwwwww
(2x)dont fuck whith me laterrrr

Lyrics: Serhan Memeti

Ky tekst u dërgua nga  serhan21

Publikimi: 06/07/2015

G4shi - Run
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