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GASHI - Intro/Hadia  Lyrics

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I'm still chasing my dream
They say the change ain’t believable
But I'm still finding a way
To open the gates to heaven
Hadia, I need ya, I love ya
Momma I miss ya
I'm fightin’ these demons, these Hollywood skimasks
These face tattoos they changed me
Now where do I go? What do I know?
They say that they care to get inside the show
Way from road to these this tears in my eyes
Slowly losing, I'm losing my mind
And I'm crying

Oh I, oh I
I've followed my heart and lost my mind
Oh I, oh I
I've followed my heart and lost my mind

Step by step as I take these stairs
Now I'm everywhere as I watched them stare
They never sent a elevator for me
Did this shit all for my mother
Did this for my sister and my brother
Them cold nights with undercovers
I did this for my worried father
Started from the real bottom
Never had now I got 'em
Lot of retaken from the devil
Got the numbers in my pocket
I'm away now, I’m away now
I’m away now, I'm away now
I’ma send, I'ma send 'em
How I make it in heaven

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