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Noizy - I Guess Ya Hatting

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the rest of me . bitch keep the best of me.Secretly i was raised in tragedy . finally the beast got let free
so kindly ima take whats made for me
cuz life's a motherfucker .this kid is from the ghetto .Dont matter if u roll in the game, I play smarter. So take it how u wanna. I'll tell u how it's gonna run under my roof so i let u wonder.Who you think is the treasure , i think twice, im 89 slash me show ur eyes. picture me, with a grin on my face with the 0.9 milli never on my chase. Yes I do think the best ,till they said stop this . till they say fuck this, noizy was made for this.

I Guess u hatin
stop hatin on a G
i guess u hatin
the streets are were I be
i guess u hatin
but this is what u get from me
hate me or love me, im known to prove reality. X2

Raised in the ghetto
where lives be on a thin line
Baby dont u move
I seee u in the next life
Keep my eyes wide open
can't sleep at night.
Strapped under my pillow,
these cats wanna bite.
Everyday is the same struggle
tryina survive.
Every dogs getting hungry
so they're out for the night.
Now, you're tellin me im fake
mother fuckers suck dick
dont get caught in the alley
or you get your head kicked.
Little pussies running around
the ground like they know me.
Haters wanna be friends so when
they get to know me.
They say i got skills,
thanks my mama for raising me.
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