Im trying hard to make it easy
Im trying hard not to complain

Love hurts I know
Its not that easy
But I don’t want to complain

I don’t wanna talk really really nice
Three AM tattoos in the middle of the night
We can step aside
If you really down for it
We can take a little trip to Samoa if you like
Where December doesn’t set
Take off the roof
I’ll go to bed
Or i can take a little rest

Thinking bout you got me very messed up
Im drowning in an ocean full of memories
Getting close to you
Its hard to find

Heart is racing
got me tied up
Signals crossing up my mind up
Can I still get this close to you

This love is fine
This love is hard to find

Got an old crib near CVS
it ain’t no airport LAX
Catch me here or sideways down the ladder
Call the fireman tell him something happened

Called it delay Something I can relate
Too much bags in my hand
Stairs go three ways
Jolly apple in my hand it’s a jumbo pack

This love is fine
This love is hard to find