No Place For Me In Heaven

Well, I was wrong
there`s no love in this world anymore.
For love,
it`s too late
there`s only darkness and growing hate.

Looking cool like never before
waiting for the happiness to knock on my door
I`m feeling as sad as never before.

What the... is wrong with this world
what have we done
it`s time to pay for our sins and that`s why there`s
no place for me
in heaven.

Hey, tell me
Hey, help me
there`s no hope for me and it`s time to pay for our sins
ou please can`t you see...

...I don`t care I will fight
I know what will become of me
Hey, am I right?

I wan`t cry no
I wan`t die
hey in my dreams
I wanted to fly.

...that`s why there`s no place for me
no, no place for me
(in heaven)

That`s why I don`t care anymore
that`s why they call me nothing man
hey livin` in this strange land
tryin` to see the sun.