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T.I. - Act I  Lyrics

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[TV changing]
rapper T.I.
three Grammy nominations
with the second highest debut on the hip hop
if you look left there’s a monkey next to
sentenced to probation
Philant Johnson
Philant Johnson gunned down
in a hail of gun
suffered a miscarriage
ATL opens with a
featuring the acting debut of rapper T.I.

man, I ain’t signed up for this shit
lost my pardna
lost my life homes
man, f*ck this shit I’m done

ay listen homes get Atlantic on the phone
go and call em
get Craig Julie Kevin I need to holla at em
first I gotta let em know I’m tired of rap
f*ck money
ever since Phil died I ain’t happy
hey what’s happening
we under new operations
though we ready for whatever
we like cooperation better
but listen when the type is throwed off
I ain’t patient
I’m going to tell you once
then start counting shell casings
don’t mean to scare you but this bullshit is irritating
I’m gonna tell it like it is shorty I ain’t fi’n to play you
I feel another K coming around the corner anyday
I know the consequences
I’m the same nigga anyway
because way more important is what I’m fi’n to say
do what I say
I ain’t dropping shit ‘til 2028

who gives a f*ck if he comes on the 20th or the 28th
he said the year 2028 you f*cking moron

listen guys wanna be hot shit
it’s T.I.P. from here on out
f*ck that T.I. shit
give a damn what other nig*az say I did
capt I think it’s best you just saying I did
don’t be emailing no itineraries
I won’t get it
your bad bi*ch just holler when they feel the jet
tell Cindy ain’t no point in shooting
I ain’t into feuding
shoot a dozen movies

you cashed that check and be spending our money
you right about that honey
thanks for doing that for me
speaking of money
you can always buy me out
but the price high
I ain’t another T.I.
no more Mr. Nice Guy

listen here kid understand me here
this is Lee R. Cohen
you better treat this company with some respect
and you better not be playing with my motherf*cking money

ho, I got your motherf*cking money pardna
I ain’t playin
do what the f*ck I say
I say no goddamn album
and that ain’t no threat that’s a motherf*cking promise jack
come and see me if you want it
get it like the Red Cross nigga

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