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Us5 - If You Leave

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Why does my heartache cries
Why do my feelings die when you're around
Why do you make me cry
When all that I can try is finding the key to our love

Chorus (Jay):
If you leave me here on my own
I just gotta let you know, I just gotta let you know
If you walk right outta my life
I'll be crying every day and every night

Why all the others mind
Why can't they see that we are made for life
Why do we fuss and fight
When there is no need to hide our feelings came right from inside

Bridge 1 (Jay):
Don't let your feelings die
We gotta realize that everything around got so cold
We gotta make it right
Let us be unified
I just gotta let you know oh no

Chorus (Jay)

Bridge 2 (Jay):
I'll be wanderin through the morning, evening light
Ain't no stopping ‘til we get it oh so right
I'll be walking through the morning evening light
I'll be crying every day and every night

Bridge 3 (Izzy):
Baby girl when you're all alone
Do you think about us at all
Come on girl gotta make this right
Everything that I do for life

Chorus (Jay)
Bridge 2 (Jay)

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