Anxhela Noti
Malli (Hold On) (Remix)
(Feat. ESKO)

I have a feeling
I know you’re scared
But know that I’ll be waiting babe
Call me when you feel alone
And hold my hand
You’re falling and I’m your only friend
I know you’re on your own
You’re getting high and drunk
Oh baby what you’ve done
Call me when you’re in the dark
I’m on my way
I’m coming to carry you home

Close your eyes it won’t be long
I know you feel the cold
But I’mma keep you warm
Oh you just hold on, hold on
Don’t let me go

Me mbyti malli x3
Ca ke o shpirt ti
Pse je merzit ti
Ca ke o shpirt ti
Me thirr se me mbyti
Pa ty, pa ty, pa ty