No Drama

No Drama (7x)

Please don’t ever call me with your problems
If you say you love him then you got him yeah
If I ever knew I’d never stop him yeah
Cut him off
Let him go without a problem
I’d do that without a problem

I let him go without a problem yeah
You don’t want no drama you don’t want no problems yeah
I bet that he makes you feel like there’s nobody else
When he’s up in someone else and you down by yourself

But you got feelings
Fuck your feelings this is karma
If I drip you slip
I swear this ain’t no water yeah
Let him leave or fall like trees in autumn yeah
Fuck yourself I f**k myself to feel important
Need no man to feel important

No Drama (7x)

I don’t ever want to hear your business
I did it all, I seen it all
I been a witness yeah
Take the stand I can’t stand
You make no difference
I don’t call him trash I just keep my distance
Bet you wished I would have missed him
And just take him back

Babygirl there’s no return
Take your turn I will watch you burn
More than you deserve
I hope you make it back
To the place I’m at
I feel safe in that

Knowing you got feelings, Fuck your feelings
You deserve this
You feel it deep deep
I see it on your surface yeah
Fuck and suck and still get left
So what’s your worth is yeah
Now you know you’re worthless
I know I’m worth it
This shit is perfect

No Drama (13x)