Ardita Tusha & Elis Nova
Forgiving An Angel

I don`t know where to GO
The world is COLD I need u BADLY ... OoOoo
The sun Is UP
The Curtains are CLOSED
Leaving the WORLD behind is not helping
I`m forgiving an ANGEL.
FORGIVING an angel...

Crazy THOUGHTS run through my MIND
I try to leave the PAST behind
An angel`s WINGS are now wide open
Its flies away while I`m so FRIGHTENED ...I`m forgiving an angel.
Forgiving an angel ....
I`m forgiving an angel.

Now its time to turn the PAGE
Letting go of all the RAGE
U can`T STOP me anymore.
I`ve never FELT this WAY before.
I`m forgiving an ANGEL

I shut my EYES I`m falling FREE
Your WINGS are now a MEMORY
Of a long TIME ago
Forgiving an angel takes some time
I`ve broken the WALLS OF THE DIVINE
I`m forgiving an angel
I`m forgiving an angel
I`m forgiving an angel