Morbid Temple

They drown into the morbid
Temple of lies
Only to justify
their ignorance.

Distorted emotions
of the past
Come to me so vivid.

To give me strength,
and grow my soul so pure.

To twist my sword,
so shiny, so deep
in their icons.

And I would undoubdedly
realize, if there's any
devine hand exept of mine.

And I could see
the devines mission fail.
And I could see
the morbid temple decay
And I could see
souls rising free
from its remains.

Don't you smell the decadence?
The flesh that holds no soul?

Pure masorchist thoughts,
fill what's left of you.
You're just a face among the dead.
Just a stone in the devine cemetery.

Admiring the master
while collecting souls.
Until your gloomy mind
tastes the poisoned sprig of god.
And fades into the abyss of oblivion.

A rotten entity that holds no identity
empty eyes that holds no sight