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Claude Kelly - I Hate Love  Lyrics

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1) I hate the mornings
cause I know what they bring
you get up
take a shoqer in no time
you're leaving
and it sounds so selfish
but I can't help
but think
that if you knew how
much i needed you
you'd stay.

REF:Cause I hate goodbyeS
I hate these tears in my eyes
I hate my self for the way I feel about you everytime
I've had enough
Im sick of wishing he was
around me every day every night
It's way too much
I hate Love,I hate Love.

2) I hate your phone calls
in the middle of the day
cause all they do is just
remind me that
my baby is so far away
It drives me crazy
cause I need you with me
I know it's time for you
to understand when I say.

REF:That I hate goodbyeS
I hate these tears in my eyes...

3) I don't want to feel this alone
(I can't help It)
Every time you walk out the door
I start missing'ya
(I can't help It,noo)
I wish I didn't need you this much
(I can't help It)
but I Love
how It feels when we touch.

REF:I hate goodbyeS...

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