Use Somebody

[Cyclone - Verse 1]

I've been seeing you i've been dreamin of you
you are like a dream i got feelings for you
you are like a meteor im gettin freakd for you
if you hit my heart its always gonna beat for you.
Hey they always say love on first sight is great
when i saw you infatuated ive been feelin this way.
since i saw your pretty little face
and your pretty little place called heaven
tell me isnt it great?
but i dont know how to approach you
tell you everything that i have to.
cuz my hearts gettin crazy and crazy thats true
i need you to know that im goin crazy over you
and if you let me show you what im feelin
girl believe me that's all you needin.
imma give you the love youll start believin.
and we be togetha foreva after i wont be leavin. Neva.

[Cyclone - Verse 2]

When i wake up in the mornin you show up
before i close my eyes to sleep you show up
and everywhere that i go you show up
even when i try not to think about you you show up.
now tell me what it takes? for you to understand
that i would do anything just to shake yo hand.
and anything possible to express again.
what im feelin inside but for real then.
and tell me? how in earth could you be.
this beautiful something that ive neva seen.
but theres something more that connects you to me
your character girl you could mean everythinng to me
i cant step back i wont give up
i will do everything for ya so listen up
can you give me at least a chance to show ya
everything that i mean and im the real deal.

[Cyclone - Verse 3]

i can wait for you forever if you want me to
i just wanna be sure that you mean everything u say so.
its like i cant describe the way that i feel
like heaven comin close to me there i neva been.
baby you are my missing part i kno its true
if wed be togetha cant tell yo what can we do.
movin from place to place doin things we can do
to stayin foreva till my last breath and you.
will be forever in my heart cant replace
anything that you'll do baby i call it fate
from the moment i saw you i name it brave
my heart stayin steady in front of your face
and still im here but im seeing the future
smiling shiny proud is everything you are
every little thing that i see put yo
in my mind like a picture with a frame my future