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D.o.G. - Life Is Just A Dream Lyrics

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Success is my everything I wonder how life without it would go
I'm on the back stage blowing marihuana smoke
Thinking back in the day a long time ago
When people were real and my friends were honorable
Now Gossiping and things changed so suddenly
I feel like a fucking dark cloud wants to cover me
And Honestly these suckas try hard to pull me down,
I can feel the fucking devil's hands under me
I feel South cuz u hatting like a Hillbilly
And hate kills, but i'm learning to deal with it
I use it like a weapon on the track n kill it
Even when nobody had faith in me I still did it
Cuz when complications only grow bigger
U need to pick yo head up stay strong n deliver
And look forward cuz looking back could fuck shit up
Just look up in the sky only got 1 life to live up

Life is just a dream, and I keep dreaming for more
I see thousands of fans screaming at my show
music is my life and success is all I know
Take Look at where I been and look where I'm about to GO!!!

I guess its true what they say
Some remain the same but most of em change
Friends become yo enemy, They turn to be fake
Always talkin on yo back, never say it in yo face. ha?
Man i'm thru with the game
Thru with all these bullshittin fake niggaz today
I don't know is it the money or is it the fame
Or Is it my success that ur driven away. Its ok
My frenemies give me the energy
To keep me goin hard cuz ur hate is my remedy
And all these hatin ass niggaz i'ma let em breathe
So they can watch me kick ma goal like penalty
I manage myself I don't need the management
I made it on my own I Set concerts out in Switzerland
Euro tours made a g for every show
Got hoes in the back stage waiting suck me off
Beamers in the front with the leather so soft
And shorty ridden with me in the back rollin up that raw
Of course, I Live life like a boss,
With the shoffer and the teli and the flights paid off... Uh huh
I Shut down every show
Sold out ticket the crowd overload
Fans beggin me callin me back once more
I promise i'll be back again i'm just in trouble with the law
I took a hit for ma dog
Now they watching me they tryna lock me up behind bars
And no one gave a fuck no one showed any support
I went and faced the judge on my own in the court
been 3 years probation bout to make it 4
I'm counting down my days I want em to let me go
Cuz it's been to long and success is so close
I been dreaming bout this day so I won't let it go

Life is just a dream, and I keep dreaming for more
I see thousands of fans screaming at my show
music is my life and success is all I know
Take Look at where I been and look where I'm about to GO!!!

When u doing something right the whole world turns against u
And start hatin on your life and they will always try to test u
But for those people in my life I really like to thank you
Cuz your critics made me fight and for that God Bless you

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D.o.G. - Life Is Just A Dream
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