In Da Pub

go, go, go, go, go, go,
go on luv, it's my birthday
you look tarty like its my birthday
ill buy you a bracardi like its my birthday
and you no im havin' a laugh, it's not my birthday

Chors x2
you'll find me in the pub,
with a pint of barley, luv
i've got a fiver if you let me see your juggs
im in there playin darts
i need a girl in shrubs so,
come fill up my mug before my fag gets stuffed

when i pull up out front you see me Vauxaull Nova
when i hit the bar it's 10 past before im over
i came to watch the game 'cos im a blackburn rover
and i munch on eminem's while i'm down and smurred over
but homie, nothings changed, cash down, bottoms up and
i got a paper cut from rollin my wrizzler up,
if you watch how i move you'll mistake me for a geeza or gimp,
cos i fell down my stairs and now i walk with a limp
in the crap bits of crawford the say '50 yo hot'
they like me, i wnat them to love me like lesbian hot
if u go to hemle and hamster then the'll tell you i'm crazy
'cos i was so drunk and helped a statue with a baby,
but im fully focused now, tea and coffey on my mind,
got a part-time job at 'daily in crime',
now this girl jus' love my hair, like my car,
her friend is fit but shes as ugly as a ??


my girlfried's mum gave me the cash,
that bought me all my fancy stuff,
my couch, my fridge, my plates, my waist, look mum, im tied down
but i aint changed
and you shuld luv it, well more than you hate it
your like my dad, your fasion sense is outdated
im that bloke by the car when im on or round
your that wierd guy who never leaves or makes a sound
when the beats are pumpin' i get my macario on
my mates drag me through my chair before the end of the song
if the roofs on fire someone dial 999
and if you want to get drunk luv, it isn't a crime
ill tell u what ill tell every girl your fit, nice hair
but if you dont want to brush it, heres another red square
or i can tell my mates in the back with a crawler berg
they'll no where we'll fu**in be yeah!


dont act like you dont no where i've been either, mum
in the pub all the time mun,
it's about to pop off mum,
burn unit