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Era Corrupted - Message Sent Lyrics

Nuk ka akoma asnjë votë

zeshkane e papame me cift i pandame brisku brisk e bukuroshja zeshkane
your call has been forwarded to the t-mobile voicemail service at the tone please record your message
heh u upset? well I look we had wat we had dat shit is all ova now n I'm glad u know, u ain't shit to me nomore, when u c me on road just turn yr head around

yeh eyo rex tell dem yr story

member times u lied to me
ring me up late n cried for me
tellin me u had problems n I believed u
I shouldn't but couldn't leave u
but fings r changin
now I'm just 2 far from yr engine
soho u can't have me nomore
I'm have to start and leave the past behind me I'm gonna throw it now neva look back now
past through while I split to dis track
lay back so stop listen take a break kit kat the sex is mine swear every end hit that bare dicks yey yey liksta
sucks it dats how u know dis girls r bucket remember when u slapped yr ex when he tried to chuck u ho ho she finks she's impressin me
tryin to get me blusky undressin me
put yr clothes back n shut the door behind u get lost n I hope nobody finds u just move I'm done wif u
chase me but I'll just run from u
don't ring my phone stop harrastin me
4 boys in the car u givin head in the passenger seat givin head in the passenger seat

did I tell u dat how much I hate u
did I tell u dat how much I played u
can I tell u dat how much u need me
can I tell u dat nooo ooooo
can I tell u dat nooo ooooo 2x

verse 2:
where shall I start
we lashin in da yard
no in the toilets in the park in the dark
waitin for a spark to pride wat u finkin
tryin to lead more actions by the time we been linkin
u just a sinkin hole wif no hole
and how u treated lets u know u can't cope
u can't c fings they look stupid without me
u beggin 4 forgivenes but actually dat just weakens u
I'm a let iliges wat u give is out of order
I can b patient but dis pervet is portal
u c u can't fool me n make me out of mind
can't say I warned u but u just stepped out of line
dat twisted mind yours dat u have one
anyone u get will just go underpressure
just served those experiences dat I had wif u
but I’m so fukin happy dat I made it through
and I choose to do it wif all the expenses
u the reason y I fink dat the time is lessless
shit I can neva end dis verse but I got too
sayin to myself to get u n I really must do
don’t trust another woman yep dats true
coz if I do then I’m only getting myself hurt dude
dis shouldn’t hurt u just make it realized
who u really r bitch u ain’t shit just a parazite

did I tell u dat how much I hate u
did I tell u dat how much I played u
can I tell u dat how much u need me
can I tell u dat nooo ooooo
can I tell u dat nooo ooooo 2x

verse 3:
we used to speak on da fone too late
ring me at times when I wasn’t awake
thought different of wat u turned up 2 b
I saw different sides dat u let no1 c
Dis hasn’t ruined my loyalty
How stupid I treated u like loyalty
Split mine conclusion when the drama spins
Time Emocional finkin about drama
Don’t call back we no longer match
Don’t fall back we startin to scratch
Already did it with the side to lash
I wouldn’t b surprised if it lead u to cash
U don’t know wat u have till it’s gone
U is who I’m leavin soon I’m movin on
I wrote it I called it don’t provoke it
I wore it damn smooth while u chalked it
Heard rumours and the occ facts
Sayin ur a virgin wif yr fake ex
Drop it I don’t wanna c u again
U make me sick u fucked bare man
C the story goes on but I’m movin chapters
It’s the same scene but different actors
Mentally ur weak u let it look speak
Either way u discuss me so fuck your technique

did I tell u dat how much I hate u
did I tell u dat how much I played u
can I tell u dat how much u need me
can I tell u dat nooo ooooo
can I tell u dat nooo ooooo 2x

E-C family brisku brisku
Gimme just a second to fink b4 I start
To speak on dis record while the 2 of us r apart
So I got a lot of reasons dat I cut yr ass out
I got a world 1 so I’m like b-sap now
Me I ain’t about dat I ain’t gonna chase dat
Bitch get the fuck out if u don’t wanna give dat
I ain’t gonna waste life givin u attention
Make u feel wanted show u some affection
Just after dat lipshake ting
yeh u know u know exactly wat I mean
so u tryin to say no but u lovin the sex I know
each time dats y u need to b outdoor
I proved u a hole when u tried to stage me
u thought I was set 4 u even at the stage
b fuck dat its yr love called it a disaster
coz after I left I heard dicks dat ur after

yeh sickles by heart mothefakin E-C family
brisku brisku slitta my boy shrega
last but not least the most incredible rexah

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Era Corrupted - Message Sent
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