Lil Wayne
Hoes Sing

This Right Here
Aint Nothing But P-I-M-P Music
Rise On The Track

Hoes On The Track
Man I Aint Goin Out To Get Them Dollars
Me And My Brotha Right Here
They Call Me Weezy Baby
Weezy Squad Up
This One Right Here
For The Bitches And Hoes
Pay Attention Momma

You Lookin At A Pimp Bitch
If You Never Seen One
And Baby Ima So Fresh And So Clean One
And The Game Nice
So Ya Boy Not Mean Hun
Watch The White Tho
You Can Catch A Mean One
And Watch The Ice Tho
You Can Catch It Gleamon
And Watch Your Wife Tho
She Can Catch Seemon
You Never Been In A Bently Ma
Ill Put Ya Ass Between One
Between A Bently And A Cadillac
And Mamma Know Where Here Daddy At
And Mamma Know
Fa Sho
She Know To Bring Daddy That
My Dry Flow Got Her Panties Wet
She On The Flow But Where Her Panties At?
And Now Ya Ask Where My Lady Go
Player Hater You Know
My Lazy Flow Into A Lady Ho
I Gotta Holla A Nigga Baby Tho
And Weezy Baby Know
Show Me How To Break These Hoes

All Weezys Hoes Stand Up And Sing
I Cant Hear Ya
All Weezys Hoes Stand Up And Sing
I Cant Hear Ya
All Weezys Hoes Stand Up And Sing
I Cant Hear
And All Weezys Hoes Stand Up And Sing

Bitches Weezy And Easy Baby
Makin It Hot
Got Ya Girls On Her Knees
Like She Makin Salad
And She Taking Alot Out Of Me
And When Ya See Me
Dont Holla Pop Ya Call For Me

And When You See Me
Tell You Bitch Dont Holla At Me
Cause I Had It Up To Here
Im Tired Of That Freak
Best Player Of The Year Man
It Gotta Be Me

And Shit
If You Knockin Its Me
Hop In A V
Joc Through Ya Block
Rockin Tha Beat
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Conquer The Streets
Yall Honorin Me
Shoul Prolly Have Madonna With Me

And Bitches Say Madonna With Me
No Gucci Shit
But I Keep Wearin Vashachi
And That Gucci Shit
Man I Keep Gettin Sloppy
When I Move The Whip
And Show Weezy Baby Whos Ya Pimp

Sweety Lets Roll
To The Point Of No Return
My Game Burn Ya Soul
Then I Cant Control Then
You Become My Hoe
What Ya Think About That
Nice House
A Whip
You Think About That
I Aint A Trick Bitch
It Aint About That
But Baby I Got Chips So It Aint About Jack
Momma Thats Shotty
My Benz A Ferrari
You See Me On The Road
If You Wanna Go
Where I Go
Follow And Holler
Ill Be The Bord To
To Get You Outta That Problem
And Into That Prada
And Put You On That Avenue
And Be A Good Girl And Get Daddy Blue
Never Make Daddy Mad At You
Cause They Got Bitches As Bad As You
Even To Get After Due
And You Aint Got That To Lose
Cause Bitch Roll With A Mac Or Lose

All My Houes
All His Hoes
We Got Hoes
We Dont Love Them Hoes