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Shkurte Fejza - Oh, Europe [Moj Evropë]

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Moj Evropë

Hej moj Europ un po t'shkruj leter
Hej si shqiptar mor o i Shqipnis t'vjeter
Djemt e mi e o si jan me shnet-e
Hej-' mir e din mor o se i kam n'kurbet-e
Moj Europ e' o moj zoj me thija
Hej' a i man mend mor o trojet e mija
A i man mend mor o shqiptart me'j voter
Hapi letrat mor' o qe i ke n'Londer.

Hej,- prej kufinit mor o qe m'ke nda-e
Hej-' m'ke lan jasht mor o' moter e vlla-e
M'ke lan nip mor' o bre m'ke lan mes e
Hej-' ma ke nda moj o shqipen n'dy pjes-e
Hera e pare o nuk asht qe t'shkruj-e
Hej-' padrejtsit mor o bre shum po i vuj-e
Nqoft se don e' o qetsi n'Ballkan-e
Duj shqiptart mor' po si shpirtin tan-e.

Hej,- drita' diellit mor po boll m'asht nxi-e
Hej-' cdo dit t'pys mor o per djemt e mi-e
N'Amerik mor o Franc e Angli-e
Hej-' n'Danimark mor o' e n'Gjermani-e
Besa n'Zvicer o' bre n'Itali-e
Hej-' n'Bullgari mor e o' n'Rumani-e
N'Argjentin-e' o' e Norvegji-e
O n'Brazil mor po der' n'Austali-e.

Hej,- amanet mor o pash besn' e Zotit
Hej-' bashkoj djemt mor o n'tok t'Kastriotit
Vet i ndave o bre dikur motit
Hej-' kurr s'mu than mor o pikat e lotit
Un ksaj here o bre qe' o' po t'shkruj-e
Me shqiptart-e 'oj Europ mos luj-e
Djemt n'tan bot o bre jan çu' n'kame
O ujt e zi mor do ta qes' n'Ball'kan-e.

Oh, Europe

Hey oh Europe, I'm writing you a letter
Hey, as an Albanian of old Albania
My sons, how are they doing?
Hey, they know it well because they're away
Oh Europe, old woman with gray hair
Hey, do you remember those lands of mine
Do you remember the Albanians at the hearth?
Open the paperwork you have in London

Hello from beyond the border that you separated me
Hey, you've left my brother and sister outside
You've left my nephew you've left my niece
Hey, you've split Albania in two pieces
It's not the first time I write you
Hey, I'm greatly suffering the injustices
In case you want peace in the Balkans
Love the Albanians like you love your own

Hey, the light of the sun is too darkened
Hey, every day I'll ask you about my sons
In America, in France, in England
Hey, in Denmark and in Germany
Trust in Switzerland and in Italy
Hey in Bulgaria and in Romania
In Argentina and in Norway
In Brazil and to Australia

Hey, in the testament I saw God's faith
Hey, unite the sons on Kastriot's land
You split them yourself once ago
Hey, our tear drops have never once dried
on this letter I've written
Oh Europe, don't play with the Albanians
The sons all over the world have risen to their feet
Black waters will cover the Balkans

Korrigjo Përkthimin

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