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Thumbz Up
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Thumbz Up është video produksion shumë i njohur. Thumbs Up (known as ThumbZ UP) is a full service video production company and creative agency, specialized in making documentaries, short films, TV ads, sales and marketing videos, web designs, motion graphics, and 3-D animation. We’ve been doing it since 2009 when filmmakers Ismet Sijarina, Mirsad Lushtaku and Blerdi Malushi founded ThumbZ Up. Since 3 years, we’ve partnered with different companies, broadcast television networks and independent producers. We have an original and authorial approach in every project with the same goal: to make our work unforgettable and remarkable. And so far we’ve achieved this. Our quote is: Think Minimal. Thumbs Up staff is composed by some of the most well known young artists in Kosovo. They are in charge of creative part, and young people who come from American University mainly compose the management staff. The thing that makes Thumbs UP different is that we don’t hire creative people with monthly salary, but we engage freelancers with projects in order to get the best from them.

2009 Thumbs Up Creative Studio was officially established on July 1st by the filmmaker and producer Ismet SIJARINA. Our policies were to attract first creative people to join us in order to create a team that will compete strongly to the well-known agencies that were already controlling the market. Immediately after got established as business Mr. Mirsad Lushtaku professor from the faculty of fine arts in Prishtina joined our team as associate producer and his contribution was big in gaining few projects during year 2009 and 2010. Ismet SIJARINA as Executive Director was in charge of the projects and Mirsad Lushtaku as associated producer was assisting to push things forward and make things happen. At the same year for Thumbs Up used to work Artan BALAJ, Liridon KABASHI, Uran BAJRAMI, Amir VITIJA and Enesa KERMENI. 2010This year was maybe one of the best for our company. More then 100 people were engaged in different projects such as documentaries, TV ads, and events etc. that were produced by Thumbs Up. Our office got bigger and crew got stronger. Financially our company was standing good and we were looking for more staff and projects. Our main partners were governmental organization as well as international organization. 2011
Even we did perfect in 2010, year 2011 was not that good for our company. The crises that were talking place in Europe affected us as well and some of our crew started to look for better opportunities. Few of them left, few stayed and started with new concept of doing business as well as lunched the quote: Think Minimal. Executive Director started to ri-format the team and policies and all the debts were paid. At the end of the same year the in our company joined Mr. Blerdi MALUSHI.

Thumbs Up got even bigger during this year by lunching the project Go Green Kosovo with aim to defend the environment in Kosovo. Thumbs Up lunched its brand as Non-government organization to with the same name Thumbs Up. On March our Production Director Mr. Blerdi MALUSHI lunched the initiative to open a branch that produces music videos and TV ads along with Thumbs Up Creative Studio and it worked well.

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