Tyran Prizren Spahiu Poezi
Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Tema: Poezi Për Nënën

Dear Mother

Still fresh tracks radiating
The shadow becomes alive
Thin voice heard continuous
Enlivens echoes in my fireplace
I remember wise lady
Embroidered with advises and wisdom
Her guiding her eyes with love
My son be careful out there is dangerous ...

Staying all night nearby the bed
Offering hot tea and care
Words as the perfect nature melody
Warmly congratulate love and healing.

Preparing passenger's luggage
With great care and concern
Please do not forget my son
Call as soon as you arrive.

Sun beach and youth life
Late at night in the disco bars
Fiery evening adventures
Meeting us in the Istria lagoon.

Dear mother I am okay it's summer's heat
Numerous are requirements
Dear mom send me some money
I' II stay some more days in this earth's paradise.

Concerned scared afraid
Long nights waits the door to be opened
Maybe my loving son will come
He is going to open it and embrace me
Feeling lonely with more than empty wallet
Connects breakfast lunch and dinner ...

Half-sleepy spends evenings alone
Suddenly the door opens embraces joy
Eyes betray the pleasure explodes
Sea flavor freshness in the air
Hand extends warm welcome wishes
Eyes speak converse and tel
Yearning of wise old lady ...

It conveys a rich dining table
Prepared with a lot of sacrifice
Separated from the body of the poor mouth
Nothing tarnishes this brilliance
The room is illuminated silence reigns
The sun plays with its rays
Sit together words are scarce ...

Now she is far in the eternity
Shining as the light in the hereafter
Strength spiritual tranquility wisdom
Breathe in our sweet home .

tyran prizren spahiu

- Poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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