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Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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... I do breathe
in this WORLD
dominating venue of feudal capitalism
place where the rights are sunk
freedom is limited
insurance is conditional
I live life of a number
system of novel 1984/ George Orwell, Big Brother...

... two days ago I met 64 years old The Queen, same as my age..
-Listen said, I'll tell you something, but be careful do not hurry and try to understand me!
Her exquisite calm voice brought a warm smile on my face.
- Yes, please say it.
... she looked at me as if she was saying to calm down, to have patience, to accept without a misunderstanding her suggestions!
- Before you judge history or unverified sayings, you might sink into a labyrinth of blind road. Fight jealousy, this severe mental illness!
To relatives, strangers, children, to the poor stretch out the hand of kindness, mercy, by no means do not offend, do not slander. I advise you first to find your own mistakes, the ones in your being and then to point finger towards your neighbor, brother! O beloved man, when you learn these basic rules of life you can freely say that you have reached maturity of age, life and love!
Not too surprised I said..
-I understood, but I knew this even earlier!
She looked at me once again, as though repeating.
No, no, you have not yet learned the philosophy of life, but I hope you will learn it soon, before it's too late!

... offended and extremely irritated I turned my head and walked beyond the Stone Bridge towards the conscience.

That night, perhaps overwhelmed by the ignorance I wrote this confession, I promised Tyran Prizren Spahiu that from now on will not judge anyone without revision of myself... I promised my modest nature to be at the level of a common man, not to exhaust the lust of people who deserve respect, trust, writing opportunities!... I should appreciate with prudence... try not rape history, do not neglect people with different opinions, color, religion, nationality, THEY have to be respected... I think now I have found highway of life, I can say that I am a man of obedience, maturity. I am confident I will address PEOPLE with care, devotion…. while the others, eh the others.. will be INVISIBLE for my eyes, most probably morally condemned, anathematized in this life, perhaps even beyond...

- Prozë nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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