The Rain

Looking through the mirror of my life
Thinkin’ of the time, when things were right (so right)

Is anybody there, to hear my cry in lonely nights
I need someone to make the darkness turn to light

Seasons come and change, the memories remain
Tell me why you left me stranded in the rain, the rain

And I know I’ll never see your face again
Why did god take away a perfect friend
I’m broken and flyin' without wings
Damn I need you here now
What I'd give to bring you back into my life
Since you gone I can't seem to make it right
I'm broken and flyin' without wings

Feeling like a child that lost it’s way (Child that lost it’s way)
Nothing I can do to come back home (Come back home sometime)

Sometimes I lay in bed and pray to god to make it end
But that won't change until I see your smile again

Baby, I got lonely without ya everyday I’ll be thinkin’ about ya
Ey, every day, every day, every day (take’em to the bridge)
I’m broken and flyin' without wings
Ky krijim muzikor bëhet i disponueshëm në tregun e gjerë të muzikës i kompletuar me klip muzikor, i cili u publikua me datë 12 Dhjetor 2008.