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Tags: Robert Aliaj, Robert Alia, Dragot, Robert Aliaj Dragot

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Robert Aliaj

Vendlindja: Tiranë  
Jeton dhe vepron në  
Mosha: 57 Vjeç
Këndon kryesisht: E Lehtë Pop

Robert Aliaj është një këngëtar i njohur. Lives and works in Brussels & Tirana Dragot, not only began as a painter, but his painting was also the point of departure for all the other activities he manifested. In the end of 90's, after a long career as a pop star singer, Robert Aliaj DRAGOT nearly stopped with music to come back to his first concern as an art painter. Dragot's work is figurative and makes extensive use of techniques from photography, television and film. Subjects of his paintings range usually from politics in Albania, to the very banal. For a while he abandoned painting completely to make shorts and video's. Now many years later in Brussels, he is focused especially to a multimedial research, experimenting with photography, moving images, animations, sounds and painting itself, without loosing the picturesque quality. His attention divides himself between a critical curiosity of the artistic scene in Europe and a renewed interest for the fast shock therapeutic change, which the Albanian state underwent.

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