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  • If U Aint Albanian, U Aint Ready For Dis Gangsta Shit

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Unikkatil - If U Aint Albanian, U Aint Ready For Dis Gangsta Shit

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Mesatarja:  5 / Votuan:  16

If U aint albanian u aint ready for dis gangsta shit

When yea hear me coming
Grab u trainers muder fuker and start running
Am da shqipe on top of my game
Making da ladies go incane

I get on a train nigga stering at me
what bich u want beef
i punched him on his face
kiked him on his head
mother fuker pretending he was ded

I showed dis fukers what we about
Nigga all ya can do its fukkin shout
Am a white boy
But dont forget am albanian

Stop chatting about ur crew
who the fuk are you
As albanians we dont care
am not tryn be like 50 cose his all fake

if he comes to albania hill fukin brake
i dont like niggaz cose they dont like us
were taking overt the streets
takin theyr hip hop beebs

they dont like us cose they cant touch us
I see dem P.D.C they used to know me
Naw theyr on TV they think theyr all hot
Muther fuker dont forget u fuk with me ull get shot

So all u niggaz move out da fukin way
coze ya got all dis crazy albanians down yar way.
Hey stop prayng nigga it aint gona be ok
we gona run da streets anyway.

Man when i hold an ak47
am ready to blow a niggaz head to hell or heven

Pliz no cattin keep ur own style dont make my style ur style make your own style.

Shqipez on top
Dis Niggaz getting shot....

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